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What do Architects do?

We are here to help you create a high-performance home or building that you will be proud to own.  We will integrate the structure with the site and create spaces that will be comfortable any time of year and in any weather.  Whether it's a single-family, multi-family or aging community residence -- retail or commercial -- we design beautiful buildings with the right technological know-how and detailing to create low (to zero) energy use buildings.  You will live or work in a building that has high levels of comfort from heat, cold and air quality all while taking advantage of natural light and views.

Architects talk a lot about process.  We have a step by step process which begins with talking and listening with you regarding your project and ending with your project being successful.  

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You need someone you feel is the right fit for you as your projects future is at stake.  In our experience, an initial consultation, is the best way to find these things out and fully understand what you are looking for. During your initial consultation, we will review our process with you and give you a brief history of the firm. We will talk about your project and get a feel for your specific needs and try to identify any potential issues. From there, we will discuss how we design solutions for your wants and desires, and any potential issues we see. 

By the end of the initial consultation we will typically have one of two outcomes.  We may decide we are not a good fit.  In that case, I hope we will both have benefited.  I will have learned more about your project, which is always interesting to me.  You will benefit by learning more about what you are looking for in an Architect, as well as further explored your project and how to make it a reality.

The second outcome is, we are a match!  We decide to move forward and schedule a time and date for our next step.

To help facilitate the conversation, please fill out the New Client Questionnaire  (click for details) before your visit.

To help facilitate the conversation, please fill out the New Client Questionnaire  (click for details) before your visit.

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