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Drawn by Desire...




Drawn by desire...

Great Blue Heron Studio Architects (GBH) is a full-service architecture firm specializing in high-performance remodels, additions, custom new construction, and small commercial projects.  Improving your life, your relationships and your community is vital to our design approach at Great Blue Heron Studio Architects, a full-service architecture firm in Morrisville, Vermont and Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey.

The objective of the GBH is to be intensely involved in all stages of the projects, from first sketch until the last screw. By thorough detailing and involvement of specialist companies in early states of the projects the balance of ambitions and budget can generate maximum result of quality. The GBH team combines the dynamic of a creative office with two decades of top-level architectural experience. Combining architects as well as technical trained staff in design as well as building stages leads to maximum results.


GBH is able to provide you with the technical skills to design a high-performance home.  We design high performance buildings.  Meaning-- buildings that use the latest technology to be the most energy efficient and most comfortable.  We do single-family, multifamily, aging community residences, retail or commercial, hospitality--  all with an eye towards creating beautiful structures using the right technological know how and detailing to create low to zero energy use buildings -- which are comfortable regardless of how hot or cold it is outside-- while taking advantage of natural light and views. You need someone you feel is the right fit for you as your projects future is at stake.  In our experience, an initial consultation, is the best way to find these things out and fully understand what you are looking for.







strong business practices

Quality design is about more than materials and elevations; it is also about strong business practices. The better we are at internal operations, managing teams, and streamlining processes, to more efficiently your project will be run.

Great blue Heron Studio Architects (GBH) is a part of a rare network of small architecture firms committed to improving all aspects of business practice. Charrette Venture Group and GBH formed a long-term partnership in 2016.  This partnership ensures our firm receives constant support services from a team of experts dedicated to best practices in architectural firm management.

Your project will not only receive excellent design services; it will be supported by a design firm that is also a well run business. This translates to a better use of your dollars, as well as confidence that our architect/client relationship will continue to grow into the future.